Truths, Obsessions and Knick Knacks

Our obsessions:

Coffee, music, coffee. Just like a band rehearsing and practicing day and night, the same time and love is put into our coffee.

Starting with choosing a roaster: Our Diedrich IR5 is one of the best things to happen to me. My top 3: my daughter, my husband, and my Diedrich; sometimes the order changes. Being a control freak and perfectionist, the Diedrich fits the bill. I have total control through every stage of the roast process. The clean technology and gas power are major plusses, too.

Our high caffine tolerance pays off as well since we taste every coffee in every brew method before we decide if it’s going to be used for compost only. And only then is it passed on to our coffee loving friends for further scrutiny, and then finally sold to our customers. We try to stay true to the origin and varietal of coffee and roast to highlight each one’s unique attributes.

Our truths:

  • There are times in life when when you have to use a Mr Coffee brewer…we know because we have been there, some still are there. So, we even taste test our coffee in one. It’s OK. We won’t judge
  • We have a variety of coffee because we like variety. Dark roasts, blends, single origins…
  • We like to be the ones to navigate through the BS, so you can relax
  • We like to keep it simple, so Mike does not get confused (yes, this is an inside joke, but every business has a Mike, you know who they are)
  • We are fun coffee snobs
  • Once you find a label you like, stand behind it, this is your jam. While the origin of the coffee is ever changing, chances are you will always enjoy it.
  • Just because we are fun does not mean we have not — carefully, thoughtfully, and knowledgably — chosen and sourced each coffee varietal we roast. We break that part down a bit when we list our offerings
  • We compost our grounds for local farms
  • We love the earth and source coffee from farmers who feel the same
D.R. Organic Kivu

Currently we are macking on The KnickKnacks and our latest offering: an amazing Organic Kivu from the Soprocopiv co-op.

Organic Kivu Special Prep coffee is grown and processed by the Soprocopiv cooperative and is dry-milled in the village of Butembo. The Soprocopiv coop is dedicated to sourcing and processing coffees from different farms around the North Kivu region. The coop was created in 2004 by a group of farmers who were motivated to improve their lives – specifically to improve education and healthcare services – through the production of specialty coffee. Their focus on good processing techniques that are supported by organic certification have led to development of better coffee that can be offered at a higher price level to the international market because of its quality. The coop members have the economic benefit of a sustainable income so that they can reinvest and continue to improve their techniques in planting, growing, and processing to ensure consistent, high quality coffee production.

The taste? Bright, Dark Cherry, Cola. What does that mean? Order a bag and see for yourself.